Members of:
Jubilee the Clown
***Party Entertainment for Families***
Clowning and magic show
Princess parties
Costumed Character
Arts and crafts activities
Sing-alongs and read-alouds
Balloon sculpting
Games and prizes
Temporary Tattoos
Junior makeovers/manicures
Indoor and outdoor activities
 ...and much, much, more!!
Welcome to the home of
Jubilee the Clown!

We are a highly skilled PARTY SERVICE COMPANY
that provides unforgettable entertainment for children,
youth, and families, including games, singing,
dancing, cultural activities, and more!  

We specialize in entertainment for birthday parties,
baby showers, graduations and grade promotions,
business grand-openings, and/or any
fun family-oriented event. (see
About Us)  

What we do:
Serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
Jubilee the Clown Entertainment, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Parties can be
in Spanish
NOTICE: We are temporarily closed. Now that Jubilee
has become a mom, she is dedicating the next few
years to raising her little angels. Look out for us in
the future!